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Kimberly Wise and Michael Clark are experts at delivering live, online and blended programs for transforming the success of professionals, teams and companies.

Comprehensive – we focus on intellectual, emotional and physical development.

Practical – we integrate practical tools and strategies that create immediate results.

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Michael Clark

Thank you for an awesome presentation! You delivered the right content at the right time. It’s was great to see our team engaged and motivated while you were speaking. We can definitely use your insights right now. As soon as I returned to the office, I was immediately presented with an opportunity to put your strategies to the test; they worked perfectly. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with you.”  San Diego SuperComputer Center


Having It All

Over 70% of professionals believe that they can have it all in work and life. We intuitively sense that we have the potential to be and do whatever we choose. And, that insight is absolutely correct. Based upon research and experience, here is what having it all looks like:

  • A successful career path with opportunities for personal development and growth
  • Collaborative relationships
  • Purposeful and meaningful work
  • Work-life balance with flexibility for a life beyond work
  • Opportunities to make positive impacts inside and outside the office
  • A workplace culture centered on health, wellness and happiness

What do Professionals and Companies Want?

Research has proven that people are so motivated to successfully blend their professional and personal lives that the number one symbol of career success has become work/life balance over money, flexibility and recognition.

Companies that are investing in supporting their employees’ professional and personal lives have been proven to boost engagement, productivity, collaboration, morale and much more. These organizations are experiencing significant competitive advantages in recruiting, developing and retaining high performers.

Your Center

Every individual, team and company has a center. The center is the place where success happens.

Successful individuals, teams and companies are living examples of the unstoppable power of working and living from the center.

Working from our center boosts our engagement, performance and productivity. We get more completed with less strain, stress and effort. Living from the center empowers us to create and recreate success, wellness and happiness at work and beyond.

The Realities of Work and Life

Despite our collective belief that we can have it all, creating success at work and life has never been more demanding. The overwhelmed employee has become the new normal.

Rising stress levels, persistent distractions, complex challenges, constant multitasking, difficult people and overall intensity are constantly disconnecting us from the center. Without the center, it’s impossible to sustain success.


Living and working from the center does not happen by accident or good intentions.

We’re experts in assessing needs, developing content, and delivering live, online and blended programs for transforming individuals, teams and companies.

We teach people how to break complex challenges into small action steps. Small action steps create success. Success generates momentum. Momentum sparks transformation.

We deliver tools and strategies for using work and life intensity as catalysts for tapping and developing the center. Strengthening the center is the secret to overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities and realizing goals.

We make positive change practical, simple and doable for all.