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Kimberly Wise and Michael Clark are experts at delivering live, online and blended learning and development programs.

We are the only speakers that teach people how to transform intellectual, emotional and physical engagement, performance and productivity.

We deliver practical insights, tools and strategies that create immediate positive results at work and beyond.

Our dynamic content integrates the most current science and research on engagement, leadership, learning, teaching, psychology, transformation, neuroscience, sales, marketing, technology, social media and instructional design.

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Michael Clark

Thank you for an awesome presentation! You delivered the right content at the right time. It was great to see our team engaged and motivated while you were speaking. We can definitely use your insights. As soon as I returned to the office, I was presented with an opportunity to put your tools and strategies to the test. I’m happy to say that they really helped me to engage better! I look forward to sharing your content with my team.”

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The Power of Working and Living from Your Center

Every individual, team and company has a center.

Your center is the sweet spot for high quality engagement and performance.

When centered, we’re engaged intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Productivity accelerates; we get more completed with less effort and stress.

Leading from the center builds high performance teams.

Working from the center accelerates learning and skill development.

Engaging from the center is the secret to overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities and realizing goals.

Successful professionals, teams and companies are living examples of the power of working from the center.

Intellectual, Emotional and Physical Engagement

Working and living from the center does not happen by accident or good intentions.

At ReCenter, we’re experts at teaching people how to transform intellectual, emotional and physical engagement, performance and productivity.

We show people how to break complex challenges into small action steps. Small action steps create success. Success generates momentum. Momentum sparks transformation.

Our content is practical and relevant. Our programs deliver insights, tools and strategies for delivering the direct experience of transformation at work and beyond.

If you have a head, heart and body, we can help you!

We make positive change achievable for everyone.

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