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Michael Clark, CEO ReCenter Consulting

I’m the only professional speaker coaching intellectual, emotional and physical leadership development in millennials and Gen Z. I deliver keynotes, training and development programs and executive coaching to people in large, medium and small companies and K-20 educational communities.

I’m a co-designer and the lead facilitator for the San Diego Community College Faculty Leadership Development Academy, a 50 hour leadership development program. I’ve coached many business and education leaders, collaborated with Deepak Chopra on an online course and worked with over 1200 incarcerated youth on advanced work readiness skills. I’ve been developing leadership in millennials since they were in middle school.

I support individual and organizational vision, mission, strategy and goals using original content and engaging presentations. My programs deliver practical tools and strategies for transforming challenges into intellectual, emotional and physical leadership development. I’m passionate about the most current science and research on successful mindsets, skillsets and work/life styles.

I’ve lived at the beach in San Diego for almost 30 years and can be found running, biking, body surfing, hiking and camping.

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 Twitter: @ReCenterMoment

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