Laser-Focused Engagement: Leveraging Interruptions and Distractions

Leading From Your Center: Transforming Talent Management

Beyond Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness

Secrets of Centered Selling: Tapping Your Inner Knowing to Win

Having It All: High Performance Work-Life Blend

Laser-Focused Engagement: Leveraging Interruptions and Distractions
Our wok lives are inundated with interruptions and distractions. Ever-increasing intensity negatively impacts employee engagement, performance, productivity and morale. The overwhelmed professional has become the new normal.

Over the past decade, research has consistently proven that over 70% of employees are disengaged at work. The illusion of multitasking lowers our productivity. We task switch every three minutes. We check email every five minutes. Some of us engage our hand-held device up to 300 times a day. People who are interrupted take 50% longer to complete a task and make 50% more errors. It takes sixteen minutes to get refocused after each disruption. We spend less than 60% of our day fully engaged and productive.

Supporting and developing employee engagement does not happen by accident or good intentions. Traditional talent management is ineffective and can damage employee morale and culture. Technology offers partial solutions, but fails to create authentic behavior change.

During this dynamic keynote, we show you how to develop and align intellectual, emotional and physical engagement. We teach simple tools and strategies that empower you to use workplace challenges as opportunities for improvement. The success of your career, team and company depend upon the quality of your individual and collective engagement. The outcome of this keynote is an audience with insights, tools and strategies for using distractions, disruptions and intensity as catalysts for strengthening engagement, performance and productivity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Redefine how you track and measure engagement and performance
  • Discover the three core areas of talent development
  • Course correct in the moment
  • Instantly focus attention and energy
  • Consistently do and be your best
  • Quickly develop skills when and where they are needed
  • Break-down complex challenges into doable actions
  • Guide and support your team’s learning and development
  • Model transformation
  • Strengthen team synergy
Leading From Your Center: Transforming Talent Management
Like all things in the modern world of work, leadership is undergoing a profound transformation. Employees have become resistance to top-down, command and control approaches to management. They want companies that respect and support both their professional and personal life. They’re seeking managers that can connect, communicate and collaborate. Despite these changes, leaders are still the most powerful influencers in determining employee engagement, productivity, development, stress levels, and retention.

Sustaining positive and productive working relationships with employees is a subtle and complex process for managers. Simple conversations, interactions and decisions can make or break team engagement and morale. Every interaction, both live and digital, offers unlimited opportunities for development and improvement. You can’t say one thing and do another. Leaders must not only model, but actually embody their words.

Every individual and team has a center. The center is the place where success happens. When centered, we’re more engaged and productive with less strain, stress and effort. When heads, hearts and actions are aligned, team work soars. The best teams and companies in any category are living examples of the unstoppable power of working from the center.

Working from the center does not happen by accident or good intentions. Rising stress levels, distractions, multitasking and overwhelm are constantly disconnecting us from the center. So much of management happens in the moment with people. Accessing our center taps our intrinsic capacity for continuous improvement. High performance leaders know how to use intensity to strengthen their center, and guide and support employees to do the same. There is no management style, approach or manual that can duplicate the precision and power of leading from the center.

Learning Outcomes

  • Amplify your influence
  • Know yourself better
  • Be more present
  • Redefine engagement
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Break down complexity
  • Put yourself into another’s perspectives
  • Increase recognition
  • Develop employee self-reliance
  • Counter negativity
  • Intensify productivity
  • Be conscious of your body, mindful of your thoughts and aware of your emotions
  • Communicate with clarity, meaning and purpose
Beyond Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness

Employees are a company’s greatest asset, and the quality of their health is absolutely critical. Increasing health care costs and decreasing levels of employee engagement have made employee wellness a central priority. Employees that are not healthy have higher heath costs and lower levels of performance and productivity. Overall employee wellness can make or break a company’s success.

Using data and analytics, many leaders and managers are seeking wellness initiatives to address this crisis. However, data about the state of employee wellness rarely translates into programs and solutions that drive authentic behavior change. Most people resist making lifestyle changes due to long-held perspectives and belief systems. Even when we know it’s essential to change, it’s rarely easy to alter our habits. Companies that focus solely on the physical aspects of health are missing critical elements that are essential for authentic lifestyle changes and sustaining a successful program.

Beyond wellness transforms physical health by integrating an intellectual, emotional and physical approach to wellness. This presentation delivers new research, trends and case studies of companies that have lowered premiums and boosted engagement, performance and productivity using wellness initiatives. The secret to using well-being as a strategic competitive advantage is to cultivate a culture centered on self-care and wellness.The outcome of this presentation is an audience empowered with insights, tools and strategies that are easy to implement and highly effective for cultivating a wellness culture.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover a more holistic approach to employee wellness
  • Gain a competitive advantage by reducing health costs
  • Explore insights about the science of behavior change
  • Boost employees’ engagement, performance and productivity
  • Overcome resistance and barriers to improving wellness
  • Discover how companies are sustaining support for wellness initiatives

Secrets of Centered Selling: Tapping Your Inner Knowing to Win
The modern consumer is savvy, educated, sophisticated and demanding. It’s not enough to have an awesome product or service. The power in the sales process has shifted. Detailed crowd-sourced information about how customers think and feel about your products, service and company are instantly available with a few clicks on a digital device.Consumers are often distracted and frequently overwhelmed. Earning their time, attention and energy requires completely new approaches, techniques and competencies.

It’s not enough to know your product or service; you must know yourself. Knowing yourself empowers you to tap your center. Your center is where inner knowing, strengths and talent shine. When centered, your Engagement, performance and productivity are on point. You get more completed with less stress, strain and effort.

Centered selling empowers you to be open and transparent about who you are and what you deliver. You learn new ways to be creative, and course correct in the moment. Connecting, communicating and collaborating to define, refine and deliver value are paramount to winning. Centered selling will help you to serve your customers, develop yourself and exceed your company’s goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop centered selling
  • Tap your inner knowing
  • Heighten awareness of yourself and others
  • Transform engagement, performance and productivity
  • Be more present
  • Connect, communicate and collaborate
  • Creatively course correct in the moment
  • Access subtle messages beyond words
  • Embody confidence and determination
  • Exceed your sales goals

Having It All: Creating Your High Performance Work-Life Blend
Over 70% of professionals believe that they can have it all in work and life. We intuitively sense that we have the potential to be and do whatever we choose. And, that insight is absolutely correct. Research has proven that people are so motivated to successfully blend their professional and personal lives that the number one symbol of career success has become work-life balance over money, flexibility and recognition.Successfully blending work and life does not happen by accident or good intentions.

In this dynamic keynote, we reveal the insights, tools and strategies that are essential for having it all. We examine research, trends and case studies of individuals and organizations that are living examples of the power of using this approach to work and life. The only way to sustain professional and personal success, wellness and happiness is to blend work and life.

Companies that are investing in learning how to support their employees’ professional and personal lives are experiencing heightened engagement, productivity, collaboration, morale, loyalty and much more. These leading edge organizations are also experiencing a substantial competitive advantage in recruiting, developing and retaining high performers.The outcome of this keynote will be an audience that knows how to compete and win by creating individuals and teams that truly have it all.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the limitless ROI of successfully blending work and life
  • Blend a successful career and full personal life
  • Strengthen work-life balance
  • Learn simple practices that cultivate a culture that embraces having it all
  • Expand opportunities for real-time learning and development
  • Attract, develop and retain high performers
  • Holistically support employees – intellectually, emotionally and physically
  • Boost trust, loyalty and positive energy
  • Develop a strong sense of community
  • Amplify meaning and purpose

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