Here’s what clients are saying:

“Kimberly Wise is an expert in developing your mind, body, and spirit to realize the optimal wellness and success that are your birthright. Her infectious passion for guiding and supporting people on the path to total wellbeing is inspirational and transformational.”
Deepak Chopra, Co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing

“It makes me super motivated to think that 500 managers and leaders were present at your keynote presentation today. That’s 500 decision makers that now have ReCenter power tools in their tool boxes. I know that this will create a significant positive ripple effect across our organization. Even though I have heard you speak twice before, today just blew everyone away including myself. I hope you realize how critical your message is for people right now. Thank you, and I look forward to the next opportunity I get to experience you speak.”
Middle Management Advance

“MICHAEL IS AWESOME! Every person needs to experience Michael speaking live. His material has so much to offer everyone. Michael’s style, experience, and ability to empower are amazing. Thank you for having the vision to create this work and share it with the world.”
United States Army

“I got great feedback from other members about the experience. It got people talking and sharing about what makes them upset when they are at work. They were able to identify the things that make employees feel pressure. Most people had the same reasons that made their blood pressure rise. I think it got other’s eyes to open up a bit more to see what they are doing to cause negative reactions in someone else. Almost my whole department was at the meeting and it’s amazing that I have over-heard other employees’ encouraging their colleagues to recenter themselves. ReCentering is an amazingly powerful tool for transformation!”
H.B., Sales Manager, Northrop Grumman.

“Thank you for an amazing twelve weeks of insight and discovery! Working with you as an executive coach was truly transformative, and the skills I learned, the self-knowledge, and results will be with me the rest of my life. Your whole body, mind, and spirit approach made it possible for change to happen in a sustainable way, because it addressed every dimension of the challenges I was facing. My working relationships have improved, often in seemingly effortless ways. I am more relaxed about my very demanding job, and better at self-care, without sacrificing productivity. And the benefits continue to unfold, even though our regular sessions have ended. Thank you for being accessible, encouraging, and smart. You are a master teacher, guide, and inspiration, and a walking example of what you teach. This was one of the best learning experiences ever, and I would recommend your services to anyone who wants to be more effective and satisfied in life and at work.”
Senior Director, University of California, San Diego, ReCenter Executive Coaching

“I have learned that people like you will change the world. What I learned from every session of this course will make my every day better for the rest of my life. Making every day better will ripple to those who surround me. So not only have you changed my life, but also the lives of all the people I will encounter.”
Business Officer, Cuyamaca College

“Dynamic, Insightful & Inspirational are characteristic traits that come to mind when aptly describing keynote speaker extraordinaire Michael Clark. I was most impressed by his passion, enthusiasm & willingness to work with the distinct needs and diversity of our second language learner, military & high socioeconomically disadvantaged families. These presentations were well attended by over 200 students and their parents and teachers and support staff from all over the community and even teachers, parents and students from other districts and cluster areas within San Diego Unified School District that found out about the series and attended. Michael Clark presented such comprehensive and relevant topics as “ReCentering Performance,” “Dealing with Difficult People,” and “The Power of Choice Making.” Each time people were lined up to speak to Michael about their individual challenges. Following each presentation, he patiently and professionally worked with these people to answer all of their questions, to speak directly to individuals and to provide them with strategies they can implement, for often 45 minutes to 1 hour after each of the workshops had concluded. I would highly recommend that San Diego Unified School District continue to utilize Michael Clark’s talents and that other districts take advantage of his expertise and the invaluable impact his workshops have on teachers, parents, students and families spanning K-12 and beyond.”
Rochelle Dawes, Principal, San Diego Unified School District

“I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic day of ReCentering! Your professionalism and enthusiasm during our planning sessions lead me to believe we have a great day, but I never expected the day to be as phenomenal as it was. My highest expectations ended up being nothing compares to what actually took place. We all felt the Magic that you created. In the 14 years I have been in this position, I have never witnessed this type of metamorphosis; it was truly awesome, so hard to put into words. As you may recall at the end of the day, as I stood in the back and witnessed our staff smiling, happy, complimenting each other, filled with renewed energy, I was moved to tears.”
H. Clark, Director of Programs, Hyatt

“The insights into choice are illuminating. The session was of great value in the way that it poses questions which encourage self-examination. It is clear that any change is the result of choice, conscious or unconscious. The key to positive, productive change is knowing where you are and where you can go. Mr.Clark empowers people to make this transition with precision and empowerment.”
United States Army

“Thanks so very much for a wonderful keynote presentation today – especially the recentering exercise! It was astounding to see the difference people were experiencing, including me. When we returned to the office, I shared it with some our colleagues and again, it did the trick. You really have a lot of great information that could benefit so many. Again, thank you for a great start to my day, Michael, and congratulations on such a great presentation.”
Chapman University

“We thoroughly enjoyed your keynote presentation. I have been teaching organizational communication for years, and yet have never even thought about the ideas you gave us for communicating better. Would you be interested in doing a presentation for the class we offer in Organizational Communication? Our students are all business professionals and come from a variety of industries. I know that they will benefit from your original approach to improving communication skills.”
National University

“Excellent keynote! Michael is great at illustrating some very helpful techniques to get recentered, focused, grounded and back to a place of power to choose successful decisions and behavior. Great material and great speaking!”
Senior Sales Manager, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

“We were fortunate to have an opportunity to have Michael work with our teachers, counselors and support staff in a year-long staff development initiative. Everyone was very impressed with Michael’s professional delivery, friendly demeanor, and his outstanding ability to connect with the diverse roles and responsibilities of our staff. He taught us how to become more centered intellectually, emotionally and physically when dealing with the stress and strain of guiding and supporting hundreds of students and parents on a daily basis. Michael did an amazing job of demonstrating the performance differences between positive attitudes verses negative attitudes. Next, Michael will have the opportunity to work with our parents and students. We know he will have the same positive effect as he had on our staff!”
Principal George Milke, Mater Dei

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Michael Clark’s opening and closing keynote presentations at the California Title One Conference. Of all the presenters at the conference, I was absolutely blown-away by Michael. I witnessed the transformational power this work had with the audience of superintendents, leaders and educators from across the state of California. I highly recommend Michael Clark’s motivational keynotes and trainings to be utilized anywhere you need to bring about uplifting and positive change quickly, because of the amazing “experience of transformation” his presentations offers to participants.”
California Title One Conference

“I was amazed at how experiencing you speak for such a relatively brief time had such a profound impact on me. I truly felt capable of using the tools to help me transform stressful situations and communicate more effectively with difficult people. Because of the tools and strategies you presented, I am better prepared to meet my daily professional challenges. I have learned how to be more creative and less reactive.”
San Diego Workforce Partnership

“Many of the participants believe that our teachers can use ReCenter’s tools and strategies to improve learning and teaching, and manage their classrooms and students more effectively. I agree with them, and promised to share your program with our administration so we could bring you to our district for staff development. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you next year.”
Parent Center Director, Hoover High School

“I have been partnering with Michael Clark for over the past five years. During that time, he has delivered pre and post release advanced work readiness classes to approximately 1,000 incarcerated youth at Barrett High School. Despite the rigorous design and high performance expectations of the “ReCentering Work Performance” course, the students’ responses have been overwhelmingly positive. I have pages and pages of positive testimonials from the students. Here’s an example of one of the responses, “Thank you for this life changing opportunity. For the first time in my life, I have the tools I need to obtain a good job and turn my life into a positive direction.”
Ed Rulenz, Program Manager, San Diego County Office of Education

“It’s been a pleasure partnering with Michael Clark CEO of ReCenter. I have been impressed by the passionate professionalism and attitude exhibited by him.  He provides people with everything they need to create positive change and enhance professional skills. Since Michael produces his own curriculum there is no one more capable or qualified to guide and support people in transition.”
San Diego Career Opportunities Partners

“Many people approached me after the event thanking us for bringing you to our conference. They felt our teachers, students and parents could benefit from your transformational work. They believe our students could use the tools to prepare for standardized tests, deal with school stress, handle family issues, etc. I helped one of our student monitors relax before presenting his senior exhibition today. He was very nervous and sweating profusely. I taught him one of the power tools you presented last night. After a few minutes, he was no longer sweating and he told me he felt a lot better. His face and body language looked more relaxed and focused.”
Counselor, Sweetwater Union High School District

“ReCenter’s tools and strategies are such an effective force for taking professional and personal growth to its fullest potential. You offer such a myriad of ideas and experiences. You listened to my vision, discerned my strengths and weaknesses and uncovered my unlocked potential. Above all you made me to feel capable of fulfilling the highest vision for my life. With your help, a working plan evolved to guide my self-fulfillment beyond what I dreamed was possible. As a coaching client, I know I can call ReCenter whenever I need a “shot in the arm.” Incredible professional and personal growth requires support and I find true dedication and a positive perspective from you at all times.”
Merck & Co, Inc., ReCenter Executive Coaching

“All of our staff members agree that Michael Clark’s workshops on “Positive Change” and “ReCentering Performance” were excellent. The information that Michael presented at the workshop was exceptional for our needs as a student-centered unit. We provide services for hundreds of students and the recentering performance process is extremely useful in a very practical way for managing change and staying focused on the job in the midst of significant transformations. We were very impressed with Michael’s personable nature; he joined us to break bread at dinner and to celebrate the birthday of one of our staff after the workshop. Very nice! Thanks again for presenting this wonderful workshop.”
Frank Torres, Learning Resource Center Director, California State Unviersity

“First, let me say thank you for the wonderful work you presented to us during our staff retreat in Crestline last week. Your workshop was very informative, affirming, and encouraging to me. As a person who has always been a rather introverted individual, I never really took the time to affirm or reflect other peoples’ goodness or that which I truly appreciated about them. To have been affirmed and have others reflect my goodness was very uplifting and strengthening to my spirit, my psyche, and my emotional being. What I learned from your workshop was how to stand strong by centering myself and being less “stuck” in my reactive mode. I truly appreciated that part of the workshop because I have often been told that I am a more reactive person than a person centered in myself. I especially liked how the workshop was not only informative, but very interactive in its approach. I enjoyed being able to put into practice that which we just learned. I find myself breathing deeper these days and being less reactive and more recentered.”
Senior Manager, United States Army

“I especially appreciated the comment you made about a person being intellectual, emotional and physical in nature. This is something I have come to believe over the past few years and thanks to you, now have better tools for keeping myself balanced and centered in these three areas of my life. I personally thank you for taking the time to be with our staff. ”
M Gager, Executive Assistant Director, TRIO Program

“Michael Clark’s presentation met our needs perfectly and I can’t imagine a better fit than him for our Center’s staff retreat in Crestline, CA. Our staff met as a group the day after the retreat and many of us were already practicing the power tool of “recentering” and other tools he shared with us. Wow, the information he presented is so practical!”
Melissa Robinson, Assistant Director, Learning Resource Center, CSU Pomona

“I didn’t realize how many things were really reactive instincts we have, and how they can really slow us down. I need to make sure I have my mind and my physical self in a state of well-being so that I can handle tough situations with a positive outlook, especially in a leadership role. It was great to share experiences with other people from other departments who I might not have had a chance to share with otherwise. Talking with others helped solidify what Michael was saying.”
Pedro Carrillo, Director, Upward Bound

”Michael Clark’s keynotes and trainings go beyond a “how to navigate through the work place course.” He literally reaches people on another level, showing them how to navigate through life – offering hands-on, practical, yet life-changing tools that improve relationships, build confidence, and teach people to “re-center” themselves so their decisions are more effective. Participants’ evaluations forms were filled with positive comments citing specific ways the personal and practical skills they learned will help them to become more successful professionally and personally.”
“ReCenter Your Life” keynote participant

“Thanks again Michael for a great class this morning!!! You were wonderful!!!” I’ve been reviewing your handout and my notes, and I’ve already had a situation where your insights have proven useful.”
University of California, San Diego

“Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and passion you bring to every presentation! I learned a lot and have enjoyed every single class! I have taken too much from your course for me to list them all! There were so many little nuggets of gold in every presentation! I intend to repeat them all when you offer your next course. You have been a great inspiration to me.”
Theodor Geisel Library

“Combining his diverse speaking background, genuine love for people and unique ability to personally “connect” with others, Mr. Clark has proved to be a favorite speaker/leader; someone we have invited back time and time again. There are many reasons why Michael Clark’s presentations have been so successful. Not only has he motivated people to discover their inner power, and thereby become more effective leaders, the ensuing pride people reveal about their positive changes can literally be felt in the room!  Bringing Michael Clark’s work to our events has benefited countless people. Although Michael doesn’t “teach happiness”, he helps others to discover their inner potential for realizing it, which research shows can have a positive ripple effect within groups – especially those attending ReCenter!”
Penny Post, Program Manager, Categorical Programs, SUHSD

”During the past five years, I have worked closely with Mr. Clark in the Sweetwater Union High School District, a border-district and one of the largest secondary school districts in the nation, serving over 75,000 student and adult learners. Mr. Clark has led over 100 highly successful comprehensive programs focusing on staff, counselor, parent, student and adult development at twenty-three school communities for over 12,000 participants. Michael has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages and from all backgrounds, and his work has made a significant difference in the success of staff, students and parents district-wide.”
L. Tarantino, Systems of Support Program Manager, Sweetwater Union High School District

“I would like to take this moment to thank you for your “Fantastic” presentations on “ReCentering”. I want you to know even though I have had the pleasure of participating in many of your trainings, I still find myself thoroughly captivated with all your enthusiasm and dedication to your work. The one constant comment was, “Que Maravilla”, which is Spanish for marvelous, wonderful, excellent etc. Again, my most sincere appreciation for your continued support and dedication to the parents, students and teachers in our district.”
Antonia “Toni” Terrazas, Office of State and Federal Programs

“Michael was contracted to offer a year-long, all-district training and development program for our counselors. He identified many of our challenges and has worked hard to provide us with excellent information and exceptional follow-through. He has remained flexible in providing us with critical training and coaching. Always looking ahead and having a good foresight for what was needed next, Michael has strengthened our counselors’ performance, communication and leadership. He has given our counselors substantial help in enhancing efficiency and improving performance to meet and exceed the goals of our extremely demanding jobs.

Michael also delivered training and development for our Head Counselors. The Head Counselor program was Michael’s idea and as far as I know had never been done in the history of the district. The Head Counselor program proved to be so successful that we will continue working with Michael again this year. At the request of some of the Head Counselors, he also delivered ‘team building”sessions at specific school sites. Again, this proved to be highly effective in supporting our counseling teams to be more effective. I give Michael Clark my highest recommendation, and would encourage any school district to utilize his transformational services to meet your educational goals.”
Director of Student Support Services, Sweetwater Union High School District.

“I currently feel happier and healthier than I ever did before because of the things you spoke about in your keynote about “Creating and Sustaining Positive Change.”  I just want to let you know what a great job you did and how much I appreciate you and your work.”
Human Resources Professional, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

“I want to let you know that Michael Clark’s presentations were fabulous. This occurred because Michael took the time to learn about the issues that were affecting this company and tailored his presentation accordingly. He was able to explain practical ways to arm our management team with the requisite tools to handle communication “challenges” that they are confronted with each day. Michael did a great job and I would recommend him to other companies.”
Michael Milligan, Human Resources Manager, Toppan Optical Products, Inc.

”I have clear ideas about how to turn negative habits into positive changes in how I live my life, deal with relationships and communicate with others.”
Beverly Garcia, Training Manager, San Diego Workforce Partnership

“Your assistance with developing the action steps I needed to take has helped me bring my dream to fruition by stepping-up to become a top sales rep at Merck.”
Michelle McKeever, Sales Representative, Merck

“There are SO MANY things I have learned about breaking down larger issues into manageable tools and action steps.”
Jean Casey, Senior Loan Officer, Valley Vista Mortgage

“Over 450 participants thoroughly enjoyed your dynamic keynote presentation. Your knowledge and your abilities to make it applicable to the needs of diverse participants were excellent and ensured the success of our conference.”
Aubrey Sheetz, Program Manager, AmeriCorps

“The tools for transformation are awesome and your passion for teaching is very motivating.”
Stephanie Sanders, Educator, Chopra Center for Well Being

“This is a great course for people managing projects and teams, and I will definitely be using these tools.”
Dave Gahan, Program Manager, Ericsson

“It’s been a pleasure working with Michael Clark and ReCenter. Our experience was very positive. The people who participated in the workshops indicated they found them to be both inspirational and beneficial to their personal growth as well as helping their family members. We look forward to working with Mr. Clark again in the future.”
Nancy Stubbs, Director of Categorical Programs, SUHSD

“Your presentation on communication was outstanding! I could feel the excitement in the room. Your ideas about improving communication are understandable and very powerful.”
Robert, American Specialty Health

“I could not have gotten where I am today without you. Everyday I take the lessons I have learned from you and apply them to my life. If you are looking for a testimonial then look no further. You have made an impact and I can only hope I can have the same impact on others.”
Page Nicol, Owner, Mail Boxes Etc.

“I have been continually amazed with the concise, gentle approach used to engage both young people and adults in active participation and learning. I leave with glowing comments and admiration for your rare talent to include participants of all cultures and abilities into being active and achieving members of the learning process.”
Claire Moore, San Diego City Schools Peer Coach and Staff Developer

“I’m much more focused and calm at work. I feel more prepared to contribute my best efforts on a daily basis. Your tools have helped me to overcome my daily frustrations.”
Marilyn, Western Digital

“Your strong belief and high expectations that everyone can reach their potential provides success for all participants…with ReCenter you learn exactly how to balance and transform your performance in school and life.”
Nancy Howard, Instructional Leader, The Institute for Learning

“You will change the world! Your approach and organization are completely non-threatening – the possibilities are enormous!”
Mary Robinson, Staff Development, Shaw Middle School

“I highly recommend your important work to every business person. Your coaching has created the results I’ve been striving to achieve for years. Our business is growing and I’m feeling more balanced everyday!”
Barbara Iacometti, Owner, Details Aveda Salon

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Michael Clark’s ReCenter consultation and education services. My high school peer mediation students benefited enormously by their work with him on essential material not only for their mediation and counseling client contacts, but also for their own lives and futures. Mr. Clark has a way of connecting with students and bringing out the best in them. Students in my school are typically from an underprivileged background, where parents working two jobs have little time to spend with children, or for passing on wisdom and experience to the next generation. Through his thoughtful presentation style and thorough, easy-to-understand materials, Mr. Clark fills this need for young people, giving them what he calls “Power Tools” for a better chance at living a fuller, more successful life. Worth every penny and more, we are truly grateful for the dedication,consistency,and professionalism we received throughout this 8-week process.”
Peggy Ward, Peer Mediation Educator, Montgomery High School

“Thank you very much for all your help and the endless encouragement you have given me. I truly appreciate your wise words, powerful tools and unyielding support!”
Bow Chinnapong, Key Club International

“This was a real privilege; you’ve given me new perspectives and re-energized me. I want to have you come to our organization and share this with my staff.”
Luz E. Ayala, Program Director, Volunteer San Diego

“By sharing your time, talent and expertise, you provided our middle managers with the tools necessary to enhance their skills and share their ideas and talents with others. The participants evaluations reflected increased knowledge and understanding of middle management issues and a renewed commitment to making a positive impact on their clubs and communities.”
Michelle Regan, Executive Director, Greater San Diego Boys and Girls Clubs of America

“Thank you for your excellent organization of materials and presentation. Your student-centered presentation of powerful tools is essential for ALL teens and educators.”
Joe Austin, Vice Principal, Serra High School

“Kimberly and Michael are part of a genuine revolution. One that will create countless generations of healthy, happy and successful human beings living in a safe world.”
Kathryn A. Ross, M.D., Newport Beach, CA

“I’ve been to an uncountable number of workshops and this was most definitely one of the most informative. Your enthusiasm and commitment to positivity and empowerment are contagious. I loved everything about this experience!”
Kim Hien,Center for Creative Living

“Most people I know completely avoid conflicts and honest communication. I understand now the negative impacts this has had on my professional performance. You have given me the tools to use communication to prevent and resolve conflicts at work and home.”
Rick, American Specialty Health

“Michael Clark and Kimberly of ReCenter have put some real excitement into the students.  They have the students looking inward to discover themselves, and their potential as human beings who would like to serve others. This experience has really helped ME both professionally and personally.”
Debbie Brown, Peer Mediation Educator, Otay Ranch High School

“I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. I hope you can see what a DIFFERENCE the two of you make in others’ lives. Your beautiful wisdom and energy are truly making such an incredible difference in the world.”
Julie Schaefer

“This course exceeded my expectations; I loved every moment! I wish I had taken this class 10 years ago.”
Eoin O’Leary

“All the tools can be applied to all aspects of my life. This is so much more than just an experience to help me professionally.”
Pam Russell

“This course is FUN, uplifting, life expanding and creates a support structure for professional and personal life. Thank you!”
Joyce Milus

“This course presents a holistic map for transforming professional performance. Searching for a job is more than “mechanics”, and this has opened my eyes to previously unknown factors that have been holding me back from success.”
Jack Sawyer

“This course is a Radical Departure from all other career development and HUGELY BENEFICIAL.”
Pamela Malone

“I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first — how could these people possibly teach me anything that I haven’t already heard or read about in the past? But, much to my surprise and delight, you did help me see a lot of things in a totally new perspective. The “tools” you shared with us have been extremely helpful to me already. In addition, the participants provided valuable insights based on their own experiences. Of all the workshops I’ve attended, this was by far the best. THANK YOU SO MUCH — keep up the good work!”
Cheryl Riedel, San Diego Career Opportunities Partners

“The way you have organized and integrated the head, heart and body is amazing. I recommend this course for EVERY SINGLE organization I have worked at! This is educational, informative, useful and mind-full.”
Jenny Rostele

“I have tools for successfully handling the ever changing work environment. I’ve learned that it is possible to release stress quickly and find peace within difficulties.”
Loretta Gallagher

“This experience has given me courage and motivation to improve my work life and my family life. It’s helped me to reconnect with a close family member. This class is exceptionally powerful.  You can change your life with this information.”
Kristin Billings

“I now know how to focus more on all aspects of myself when I interact with others. I have a renewed awareness of the opportunities for improving my quality of life and connection with others.”
John Kenny

“You all are wonderful – a real kick in the butt for me that was much needed! I know it’s never too late to change and start making better choices.”
Bernie Troisi

“I think the presentations were excellent. All of the information was especially helpful for the students in the Learning Center because they need to know the techniques you were teaching.  Last week the students took the high school exit exam and again I encouraged them to practice the techniques you taught them. I am looking forward to having this program again next year.”
Olivia Beltram, Counselor, Sweetwater High School Learning Center.